Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Vote Is In

Less music, more photos. But I'll keep my promise nonetheless, and talk about music later....for now though:

Slate has a retrospective of Magnum's photos from Afghanistan in 2001, this week being the 5 year anniversary of the US's & GB's attack of Afghanistan.

They are found here. The photos are quite stark. The first one looks to me more like a charcoal than a photograph. The series focuses on Northern Alliance soldiers and the IDPs of the time.

In general, conditions here are getting worse, as most know. The headlines and coverage on that side of the globe, finally, seems plenty. The phrase "at least were not in Baghdad" is said much more often. Except now the humor in it is gone, replaced by a sad comparative sincerity.

Also, there has been more talk about how Iran is affecting what is going on here. I'll do a round-up of some of that coverage soon, and maybe discuss my crack-pot theories on that. Most of that coverage doesn't seem to be coming from US sources though. And of course Ahmed Rashid had mentioned that issue several months ago, tying it into the troubles in Balochistan (which I can't seem to find much news on these days, anyone find anything?).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links Q.A. Shah.... cheers to you and stay safe....

Q. A. Shah said...

Thanks and thank you for reading...q

Elizabeth said...

Regarding the news... as someone trapped here in the US without cable, I can tell you, there's practically nothing on the news. They can hardly manage to cover Iraq: most of the time, they're busy covering sex scandals. Because of the lack of analysis, amazingly, there has been no discussion of Iran's (and hardly any of Pakistan's) role in Afghanistan. Iran = nuclear weapons, Pakistan = hiding place for Taliban, Afghanistan = falling apart. That is all the analysis we get.

Wait... better stop here, this is my next blog post.

Q. A. Shah said...

Are you gonna beat me to a news post? That is sad. On my part. I imagine w/ North Korea, no one is talking about Afghanistan now.

Anonymous said...

i need you to update.

Q. A. Shah said...

Some of us are busy exploiting...I mean sacraficing themselves for the betterment of this country rather than eating sushi in the US.

So yeah...been real lazy about the blog, and leaving a lot of unfulfilled promises. Will hopefully and one day rectify that. Here's to hoping for better tomorrows.

Moreover, you wrote that as more or less a command. Write me a check, and you'll have a deal. And that will still be a sacrafice.