Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Action Returns

Today everything came back in full swing. I didn't notice much of a post holiday lull, the kind so common after New Year's in the states. The laundry guy was at least quite busy...having one weeks of laundry from me (though I did skip his mid-week visit) and a lot from the other expats, I assumme.

So in escaping from work, and in trying to find some music more aggressive than Rogue Wave, I went digging through my hard-drive...internal and then external. Couldn't find much and I knew what I wanted to listen to...some good college-days hardcore punk. So I went to the web, looking for some Pee Tanks (btw, that myspace link will take you to a brilliant cover they did of "With or Without You")...and look what I found: The Action Patrol. If any of you readers were around Richmond or Roanoke in the early and mid 90s, you may remember them. Best yet, it appears their whole discograpy (well at least enough to make any returning fan happy) is online, all free MP3s to download. If you're reluctant to believe me regarding their unquestionable brilliance. Start here with "Tube"...unquestionable.


hamesha: said...

(Let's see if it works this time - I am cutting and pasting this from my reply to your comment on Safrang)

Been trying to, Q, (to leave you messages on Kabulog). Your blog’s comments tool does not seem to be terribly cooperative.

Can I entice you into a hegira to WordPress?

I am very happy with WP so far. The move may even provide you with some of that motivation that comes with trying all things new and shiny. And besides, you don’t have to worry about others losing track of all your old posts. They have a sort of UHaul tool here that brings everything over, comments included.

Enjoy my loveliest season of Kabul. I envy YOU!
(In the mean time, I will think of some pointy Q for Q!)

Q. A. Shah said...

(Cut and pasted below comment too.)

The comment seems to have stuck this time around. I got the email and everything. I may consider the hegira...i just don't know if the caravan will follow. Though it's not much of a caravan, and the regulars are friends back home, whom I hope and believe would follow an easy link and reset the bookmarks.

Also, does wordpress let you use Moveable Type? I had a brief foray on a "collablog" (short lived as well) that used MT, and it was easy enough to post with that. It may make me willing to give up the

Ahmad Khalid said...

Very informative, educative and interesting blog. Glad to have come across just now. Will check again soon. Keep it up!

Q. A. Shah said...

Thanks Ahmad. I'll try to keep the adjectives you use in mind when I write the next post.