Friday, October 27, 2006

Updates and Changes...

As you may have noticed, there had been less and less of the "on the ground" perspective of what going on in Afghanistan. I think it was partly subconcious, as I was preparing to disengage from this place and move on. I was looking at returning in December. Yeah...that preceding sentence was written in the past tense.

Our contract got extended again, till March '07, and there are a lot of things that may continue on past then. Even as this current extension was developing I was still planning on coming home in December and getting ready to give the bar exam another shot in February, get a normal job, move on with life, a year here was enough, etc... Just yesterday I told my boss I'll stay on...kinda indefinately, and more accurately that I've dropped the solid plans on coming home in December.

So maybe I'll become reengaged with this place again, and rather than just passively take it all in, start thinking and writing about it more. In the least, I'll be updating the blog roll on the right hand side. There are a few new Kabul/Afghanistan related blogs, some have dropped off, and some are posting again (well one Hamesha...hopefully he'll start posting about Afghanistan again).


Anonymous said...

Q! That's big news. I like how you tried to just slip it in a post surrounded by stuff about Slate and music so we wouldn't notice it, you sneaky... You are in big trouble with me, mister! Seriously, I hope that staying on makes you happy. I know it's been an up-and-down sort of experience.

Q. A. Shah said...

True, it's big news, but it's getting to be repetative, at least for me. I believe this is my 4th decision to extend. Yes, I did kinda slip it in, but the post title was "Updates and Changes"...I figured that was hint enough. And if Greg ever replies to my email (I was gonna send him a reminder on Wednesday morning, to be fair) you may have gotten word earlier. Don't comment on the fact that I coulda emailed you.

Seriously though, I'm ambivalent to satisfied with my decision. Partly as I now know it'll be up and down from here till when I move on. Regardless, thank you for the well wishes.

Will email soon.