Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Owing to Acknowledgement

sorryPart of the, umm, inspiration for the last post was a few conversations, recent reading, and a comment posted by Hamesha pointing me to Easterly.

And today I came across this article in, an interview with Easterly about his new book.

P.S. And in acknowledging my complete failings in acknowledging, VP pointed me to a review of Easterly's new book in the Economist a few days back. Unfortunately it's subscription only. Also, in the post below, I think I said I was going to talk about the aggravated situation in the south, and the rising violence. VP has recently posted on that already, so I'll just point you there for how that affects working conditions here, especially as she's more directly affected by it than I am.

P.P.S: VP just posted the review here.


Vasco Pyjama said...

We have the technology to overcome. Economist book review here

Q. A. Shah said...

Technology or criminality to flaunt copyright laws? But, thank you, and i'm moving the link up to the front page.

Vasco the Crim said...

Yeah, they can sue my aid worker arse.

(Yes, I'm in a foul mood today).

hamesha: said...

Here is another interesting review of Easterly's upcoming book by Amartya Sen: The Man without a Plan>>
Actually when I mentioned Easterly in my comment, I had just read the transcript of his recent address at the ADB, titled: Planners vs. Searchers. In it he takes the planners in international development to task. I wrote a long rant in response to this afterwards:

Q. A. Shah said...

If they sue me, I'll be pissed, and I'll sue you in turn.

Thanks for the links.