Sunday, April 16, 2006

Making The Runs

And I mean that in every sense of the word "runs". Got sick from the wedding food the day before I was to leave. So I did get to spend some quality time with the parents and sis as I was bedridden. Followed by a 4 hour car ride up to Islamabad at 2 am. I caught the flight, and my stomach survived.

Had a wonderful time. Saw the family, almost the whole lot of them. And there is a whole lot of them.

Welcomed some more folks into the family. Some crazy desis, and some crazy "pakhtoons" (two cousins got married in one week). When I saw the barat of one wedding coming and it was about 10 men in white shalwars and black waistcoats, for a second, I thought I was back in Kabul. It was urdu/punjabi and pushto bantered all around. Got to see some places I hadn't been in 15 years (my dad's childhood house).

Most importantly, my mom brought me my new speakers. They are divine. I can actually hear bass lines now.

Perhaps even more importantly, I really had a sense of ease when coming back to Kabul this time. I was not only happy, but even a bit relieved to be back, the kind of relief you get when coming back home. I think I'm really gonna miss this place (or more correctly the compound and the little else I see) when I finally have to leave.


hamesha: said...

Glad to hear you had a nice visit- except, of course, for the 'getting the runs' part. For comparison value, you should try to get invited to a wedding in Afghanistan. Means permitting, Afghans also like to go all out and go the full lenght, when celebrating a wedding. But there are interesting cultural minutea as to what the bride's family can do and what the groom's. It's interesting to see how you feel about coming back to Kabul..

Hilal said...

"when i finally HAVE to leave" (not 'get to leave' or even just 'leave'). it really does sound like you'll be missing kabul!

congrats on outlasting delhi-belly's evil cousin.

Q. A. Shah said...

Thanks. Luckily, I had a full pain-free week, and was only knocked down on the last day, after all the wedding stuff. I'd love to go to a Afghan wedding, especially a non-pathan wedding. It was odd, but nice, having that sentiment in coming back to Kabul.

Interesting point on my word choice. I didn't notice that when I wrote it. But part of it, I think, has to do with the fact that my leaving, so far has to do with the end of my company's contract. So far (well twice now), I have chosen to work till the end of that rather than a date purely of my own choice. If our company gets another extension, I'll probably do the same again. My own choosing to leave Kabul is a choice I just haven't felt pressed to exercise (besides short breaks).