Friday, April 07, 2006

Luckily We Have Armed Guards

Else, my off-key tone-deaf singing, and the impending rioting of our neighbors would be an issue. Our secruity director and his 9 is a concern. But he wouldn't shoot a man with a grin as big as mine is right now, I hope.

So more Built To Spill:

Doug Martsch is around the 40 mark after all, so I guess it's not surprising that he chose VH1 over MTV. VH1 is supposedly streaming the new album. Frustratingly, it wont play for me.

But, alas, all is not lost. I'm quite content with either streaming 'Conventional Wisdom' from the BTS myspace site.

And since I have some concern for my coworkers and our shared bandwidth, I've been listening to 'Liar' (a demo, I believe cause of the vocal reverb effect on the beginning). Find it here. Found it thanks to this site.

Hopefully Warner Bros. realized that I'll be in Lahore on the Apr. 11th release date and is shipping copies to the music stores there. least there is iTunes.


Afghan LORD said...

what is going on here?

Q. A. Shah said...


Are you talking about this blog? Yeah, I know, things have been falling apart.

Anonymous said...

built to spill is...well, not horrible.

Yeah, them's fighting words (Vaso, are you with me?!)

hamesha: said...

Q, I just finished watching "The Constant Gardener", a movie based on La Carre's novel of the same title. A boldly indicting expose' about the menage-a-trois between aid agencies, governments, and pharmaceutical companies in Africa. I highly recommend watching it, and think you will like it very much.

Anonymous said...

- Vindaloo

Vasco Pyjama said...

Home in Kabul? Sorry, mate. Vasco's not with you. Built to Spill rules. *nods*.

Anonymous said...

Ack! I will have to reassess my BTS stance...maybe

Q. A. Shah said...

I'll check the DVD "stores" here. Thanks for the tip. I saw the cheesy version of that recently, "Sahara".

I just picked up the new album.

Heh, VP's vote counts more than mine?