Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ashes to Ashes, Diesel to Dust

So a few days in the Watan (homeland, I believe in Dari or Pustho). A few days to go. Its been dusty, and not too hot, just around 100F. Pleny of donkey carts, rikshaws, lorries with beautiful decorations, beautiful to someone at least...and dust. Plenty of dust. And dancing monkeys. Ahh Punjab. Yesterday I was in Faislabad (aka Lailpur) that is punjab central, even had a tandoori pratha. But luckily, not too much on the deisel fumes. My cigarettes are tasting funny here.

Untill a few days...q.a.


NegativeMode said...


mj said...

monkeys in rikshaws please. ;)

hamesha: said...

It's both, Dari and Pashtu. Here is a proverb that proves it is Pashtu -and that I think relates to your latest post:
"Har cha ta khpul 'watan' Kashmir da"
which means:
To everyone his own country seems Kashmir.
(As you can see, Kashmir used to be the prototypical paradise/utopia in the Afghan lore.)
Have a great visit to your watan!

Q. A. Shah said...

Unless you want pictures of barges in Punjab, I got nothing for you.

Hello! have you been? Welcome. Anyway, there were no monkeys IN the rikshaws. Two completely separate events.

That proverb is even more apt as my two "true" watans are Kashmir and this land of yours. But I've got enough pujabi in me now...then again any amount is enough, and still you can never have enough.

ms. daisy said...

Dancing monkey?!?!


Q. A. Shah said...

ms. daisy,
Sorry, no pictures. I was in a internet cafe in my mom's small, dusty hometown. It was no tourist spot, so wasn't carrying the camera around, and wasn't expecting to see such touristy things there either.