Tuesday, July 04, 2006

(Car) Bombs Bursting In Air

Happy 4th everyone.

I thought I was gonna miss out on the fireworks. It's been a running tradition for nearly 10 years for a group of us high school friends to have a BBQ/Picnic, and then go watch the fireworks from the Mall. I obviously am missing that this year. Hello to all of you, wish I was there.

But fear not, I got to at least hear some explosions. Seems like the Taliban felt like commemorating the 4th as well. Though their explosives don't have that neat multi-color star effect. Maybe we'll at least get the ISAF to launch some tracers tonight or something.


cdngirl786 said...

I hear the "celebrations" continued on until the yesterday... Happy 4th, I miss the Mall and Monday night movies at the mall. Oh and Happy belated Canada day as well!

~ Alida

Q. A. Shah said...

Yeah, unfortunately, it continued for two days. Nothing today, thankfully.

And Happy belated Canada Day.

NegativeMode said...

Take a look at this and let me know what you think. Should keep you busy for a while (that is, if you like it).

Liam said...

hey there qasim-

long time no...well, no anything! good to hear from you though. I linked to your blog from mine and you're more than welcome to do the same. What are you doing in Kabul? Sounds like a rough neighbourhood. Well, if you're ever in Egypt drop me a line and we can go get decaf lattes and korean BBQ. :o)

oh globalized, gentrified Cairo...how i love it.

Anonymous said...

I miss the folklife festivals. Here a good substitue:

Q. A. Shah said...

Ta Shakoor for the link. Will check it out more, but it'll be slow going, as I'm bandwidth poor.

Hello. Yes, long time no nothing. Hope you are doing will. Will definately throw up a link. I'm pretty certain I'll be in Cairo next March or May. If you're still there, Korean BBQ will be perfect.

Working in Kabul...energy sector rehab/operation stuff. The town is a bit rough at times, luckily, I'm under lock and key.

There is only one person that I know from Seattle that would be concerned with NOAA stuff. So I'll assume it's you. And I knew you were considering getting a new job, but really, there are better ways that setting fire to the office and giving Seattle it's first 5-alarm fire. Though I must say, this definately beats out the "Halfbaked" way of quitting.

Zappy! said...

Sounds Familiar :)