Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back to, But Not Into, The Swing of Things

Got back to Kabul today. But feel completely out of the loop. The quick trip to Dubai was good, cause I really didn't do anything noteworthy at all: went to restaurants, smoked shisha, read, watched movies, sat by the pool, etc... Though, I think it just made the dislocation worse. Kept up with work there, but in coming back I feel completely out of the loop. And it was basically 48 hours that I wasn't here for.

But I did get to decompress, and sleep, and laize about. So the energy level should be back up for a bit, and will hopefully last me through to the end of August.

Work is largely the same. Though my affection for it had, or has changed. In the least my attitude towards it has changed. I'm giving it the 'it's not you, it's me' line these days. Maybe me and work can get back to the way we were before now that I've had this little break.


Vasco Pyjama said...

Good to have you back even if I didn't really notice you were gone. :)

Sounds like me and my job are having a similar crisis to you and your job. And I head for flea-ridden Hazarajat for three weeks in a few days. No doubt that will alter the complexion of my relationship with it -- possibly for better... possibly for worse.

See you before I leave the country anyhow.

Q. A. Shah said...

Thanks. I didn't even notice that I was gone, nor did my coworkers.

It seems that quite a few people are losing momentum with their jobs and work, but our project has been phasing down for months now.

Stay safe in Hazarajat, and try to enjoy the country side.

Anonymous said...

My co-worker brought me an avocado and a fan that attaches to my laptop...What did you bring us? :)

- asiyah

Q. A. Shah said...

Well HIK--
1. What, exactly, would have garnered such spoils from me?

2. Not to trivialize your co-workers thoughts, but...I'm guessing both avacados and USB computer fans can be found in Kabul.

3. I've already given away all the free hotel chocolates to my housemates.

Anonymous said...

we know you can type; -how about some more pictures?

Q. A. Shah said...

I tried. Honestly. I took my camera with me. There was just nothing there to take a picture of. Or rather I went no where worthy of a picture.

chad hunt said...

I will be traveling to kabul on sept 2nd to be embedded with the us military as a journalist (photographer) I am looking for any advice you have to offer about the city, do's and dont's,
where should i stay before i check in with the military? any thoughts on good hotels? i will also need to hire a driver to to pick me up from the airport and take me to camp eggers in Kabul, then to Bagrum airbase.
any thoughts on that?
thank you for your help

chad hunt