Friday, June 02, 2006

Quiet As Curfew Should Be

Today, thankfully, went with apparently no major incidents. At least I heard nothing, and heard of nothing.

The city, all of it, has been under curfew. And even during the day it seems a bit more subdued. But I haven't left the house. We are allowed to move around, essential travel only though.

Of my national coworkers that I've talked to, they seem apologetic and angry--at the riots and rioters and the US military for the accident, all of which is understandable. And with the lack of incidents and the anger towards the destruction of parts of the city, **we wont see any repeats in the immediate future.

**Hopefully, I meant to say.


Anonymous said...

ill be in afganistan in september , embedding with the us military. Any advice you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

pumuckl said...

"hopefully" around here is called insh'allah... and this is my main lesson learnt: plans are not meant to be done by human beings.

thanks for your blog, I just came through it the first time and appreciate reading your thoughts and finding links to good or at least worth-reading articles :-)

best greetings from Herat

pumuckl said...

oh, and what I initially wanted to say, hope u don't mind that I put the link to your blog on mine!

Q. A. Shah said...

Yes, inshallah would have been an appropriate sentiment. And alhamdolillah, there haven't been any major incidents in Kabul recently.

But I hope that fatalism/helplessness that you express as the sentiment of inshallah, I hope isn't the only meaning you take from that.

And I'll put up a return link to your blog too.