Sunday, June 11, 2006

In Desperation...

...I'll fall back to a music post. Again via's Audiofile (so yeah, this page has nearly become a proxy for that least becoming one of my primary sources), I've been introduced to a new to me artist, Carl Hancock Rux.

His new album, on Thirsty Ear (which, with the few recent Blue Series releases I've really liked (El-P's jazz album and DJ Spooky's release), may be put the "must buy" label list), is really strong. A neo-soul/blues/jazz/hip-hop album, along the lines w/ the two other name drops above. Some of the piano work does strike some similarities w/ Matthew Shipp's efforts on El-P's album.

And then there is the singing. The voice isn't spectacular, but rather a really solid baritone. Rux's lyrics (especially, which makes sense given his apparent literary talents) and delivery make the album, and really fill in and carry the sparse compositions. Think Chocolate Genius, with less experimentation and more gospel influences and generally uplifting, rather then wretchedly miserable, sentiments and tone.

Here's the free song "Lies", and a "video/add/interview" off of the Thirsty Ear site. The album, "Good Bread Alley" is on iTunes as well.


Hilal said...

oooh, GROOVY.

thanks for the *lies* link!

Q. A. Shah said...

If you dig that track, i'd strongly recommend the whole album. It's been on heavy rotation since I got it. After all it's a rare songwriter that can pull off the line "fame unravels with the diadems" in a song titled "All The Rock Stars (For Kurt Cobain)."