Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Promise Kept...Kinda

Much going on at time to post, plus I got sick again, and I’ve had nothing interesting to say, and that has finally stopped me from posting, except for the following that is. But there is an interesting discussion going on at Elizabeth’s blog on what/who is an ‘aid worker.’ OK, so no one but a bunch of navel-gazing expats care about such things. But, I’ve never claimed such nobility. I make too much money and live in way to good of a house, and have too many people looking after me to be considered noble. To further the argument that my life is way too good, I’m posting some more pictures from Goa. These ones were stolen from VP. And on recent events, there have been a few happenings here, but I wont rehash the news except to say that during Bush’s four hour visit the extra helicopters circling above Kabul were really bothersome. I mean, “rebuilding a nation,” “securing our future,” “the war on terrorism,” and “spreading democracy” only get 4 hours? Four hours? More importantly, tomorrow is our contract close out party. And I may get out of Kabul on Friday for a picnic in the country-side, there will be pictures of that. Ok, pictures of Goa.

The path to the beach, the dude charged for the picture of his water-buffalo. I shoulda asked for a glass of milk at least...

The Latin Quarter in Panjim/Panaji, where then Panjim Inn is located.

Some empty beaches in Goa, forget the name of the city...I can find it if you need.

Me drooling over the impending pan, and it only got worse once I shoved it in my cheek...the drooling that is.

A sunset in Bogmalo...I guess the trip wasn't too bad...


brownbear said...


Shannon said...

So the Prez didn't deem your work worthy enough to stop by for some whisky and cookies? What a jerk.

Oh, and where are the barges?

Q. A. Shah said...

I'm confused by your syntax. Did you, per chance, mean "1. Shave"? Or was this comment in "code," meant to say "shave point one," except there was no "point one." Ahhh, maybe that was your point.

He totally blew me off. And barges were so 3 posts ago, get with it dude.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Q, those posts have left me drooling for the beach.

And again, I say that if you knew how some "aid" workers lived, you'd be shocked. Suffering cannot possibly be a criteria, or there would be no aid workers in the Maldives.

Q. A. Shah said...

You should see our house here in Kabul some time. Not suffering at all, espcially since I just moved into a room w/ a TV. I've never had a TV in my bedroom before. Come to the 3rd world and improve my standard of living (actually that's not too rare of an occurance, is it..).

But I've been looking for jobs in the Maldives, too bad they don't seem to be posting for electrification stuff right now.