Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Scenesters--but not in a bad way.

A good friend has just started a new blog. The first post was quite good. It looks like it will be a lot more interesting than mine. (Exceeding the readability of my blog is not a high enough bar to compliment someone on...and this is not to imply that I think my blog is particularly interesting...)

She and her friend will be writing about the nexus between dating and the D.C. arts/culture scene. The first post was about a visit to a gallery run by one of my former professors. I'm jealous already, but at least I'll get my culture vicariously.

There will of course be a link on the sidebar. So all three of you regular readers go visit it, here is a link to the blog:


Anonymous said...

I took a peek and was shocked, but then you know I am faint at heart.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I am reading Chinese text, I realise that I know what each individual character means, but the true meaning behind each sentence eludes me. And yep, that's how I feel about your mate's blog. I mean... wtf is 'melancholy of kitsch'?! *sigh*. I'm just not with the cool crowd, am I?

Q. A. Shah said...

Shocked and Awed,
You're comment should be on JKN's blog. Be an ass there.

You're comment should be on JKN's blog. Be an ass there.

Or rather, ask you're question there. It's probably best that I don't give you my definition of 'melancholy of kitsch.' Granted, that is a very "artistey" use of language, but was it really that confusing? I.E., wasn't it clear that she meant a non-enthusiatic or reverant use of kitsch? A disempassioned use?

It's all greek to me though...sorry couldn't help myself.

NegativeMode said...

Um, this has nothing to do with anything on Kabulog, but you need to check out this site.

I'm not really sure what to make of it. Apparently, I inspired some sort of Japanese cult whilst I was in Tokyo. Also, Camp Lo is clearly involved ... just read it.

"Garfunkel votes hollered homerooms grubbiness obfuscated inundated prickly neutrino huckleberry taces McCartney hopeful song archived exclaiming oceanography."

Seriously, what do you make of this?

Q. A. Shah said...

There you go trying to recruit more kool-aid drinkers. Sadly, and oddly, that text would probably make a perfect camp lo song. Perhaps a secret site w/ the lyrics of their upcoming album?

Anyway, there is nothing to make of it, just like there is really nothing to make of the lyrics of a camp lo song.

NegativeMode said...

Right, but for some reason that random, Camp Lo lyrical, Japanese website has my name in large letters at the top. You don't find that the least bit odd?

As to your last sentence, F U buddy.

Q. A. Shah said...

Yeah. I can only be impressed by your prowess. I don't find it odd, I find it awe-inspiring. I can only strive, futilely, for such heights you achive.

But yeah, it is kinda spooky.

And my last line was not an insult to a Camp Lo song. The genius being that I would still listen to something that there is nothing to make of. Shall we say a truly po-mo, language bending, semiological revolution. True spectacle in the Debray sense?

So F U buddy.