Sunday, January 29, 2006

Desi Critics Launch

I'm a few days behind the curve. I'll attribute that to the odd half hour someone decided to add to the Kabul timezone. But has launched.

It's grown quite big before birth and came out of labor screaming and annoucing it's presence to the world. My contribution to the cacophony is the post below. It should go up on the site sometime soon. But don't wait for it. Go check out the site now. There will also be a link in the sidebar under "Other."

Oh, and the, as was explained in the comments before, "desi" is a term often used by second generation south asians to refer to themselves and other of the sub-continent. In urdu, and presumably in hindi as well, it refers to the "homeland" or "country-side." Now reclaimed, primarily by the diaspora and the 20-30 year old generation, to refer to all South Asians.

The website...right...It's modeled off of, well birthed by the folks who created A few of the fine folks there put a lot of hard work into this spin-off. The website will follow the same format as it's parent, but with an exclusive focus on all things South Asian. The contributors are south asian bloggers, diaspora bloggers, or those simply interested in South Asia. Go enjoy.


Anonymous said...

There's no "www" in the URL. It's just


ms. daisy said...

Fix the link and I'll go visit it ...

Q. A. Shah said...

The "www" doesn't effect the link or URL. Not including the first "i" in "" does. Taken care of.

Ms. Daisy,
It's all good now.

Thank you both for the heads up though.

m-teezee said...

is this affiliated with

Q. A. Shah said...

I was leaving that to you and the San Fran crew.

brownbear said...

What the hell is a south asian? Desi-what? I have developed a way to describe the phenomenon to my fellow 'Mericans.

If I went into a Desi restaurant would I be limited to nan and curry or could I also order some Pad Thai or maybe General Tso's?

I know what you are thinking and, yes, I was born this way.

Q. A. Shah said...

South Asian? You should know that, no? Though I believe you simply classify the world into brown peeps and not brown peeps.

Your system seems to work well. But remember, if you went to a Sri Lankan or South Indian restaurant, there may not be much nan around.

So basically, i've taken desi as sub-conti

brownbear said...

Move to strike as non-responsive. I could eat what now?

Q. A. Shah said...

Motion Granted.

You can eat food from nations, regions, or ethnicities that currently constitute, are part of, or are heavily, if not predominantely, influenced by or consist of the people, races, or ethnicities originating from the Indian Sub-continent.