Sunday, March 18, 2007

Exit Rituals

Nearly there. A day and "a wakey," as some (yes, expats, and yes, the military background type) say around here.

There have been the usual rituals. Luckily, I've managed to wiggle out of most of the 'farewell dinner/events', except for one (my coworkers). And well, another, with the national staff on the project that has taken most of my time will be a simple kebab lunch. As many of my memorable days with them here (days stuck out at the power plant because of some issue) have included newspaper wrapped kebabs, I like that it's how i'll be exiting.

The other ritual today was a burning. Got to watch a year and a half go up in flames. OK, I'll stop with the melodramatic metaphors. So cleaned up my room/office and got rid of a lot of documents.

Other than that, it's been busy at work. Handing out "certificates" making it "official" that I've done my job and transitioned the work to the GoA. And to be fair, they are ready to do the work. Whether "ready" is enough to do the work is another question.

As for the blog, I'll soon stop posting here. I may continue a blog on Afghanistan, or push others to resurrect a group Afghanistan related blog, and ride their coattails (ahem, you all reading right now know who I'm talking about).

There may be a posting or two more, but as I travel home, and get home in a month, it'll be even less frequent posts.

Thank you all for reading. I hope this blog provided something of value to those who kept checking in. I wish you all the best.

Moreover, lets all wish this land and it's wonderful people all the best.



Shannon said...

It seems strange to have read this blog from beginning to end. I know I didn't have much to add to the discussion, but I've certainly enjoyed your blog. All the best in whatever comes next for you.

Unknown said...

A most graceful exit.

For what it's worth, Kabulog was one of my prime inspiration to start Safrang. At the time I started reading here, there were maybe two other English blogs that posted regularly that I knew of.

All the best with the road ahead, and -here I am donny my collective Afghan chapan- thanks for the good work.
And hope to meet you at some point.

pumuckl said...

farewell, my e-friend, and hope to find your words again somewhere

Q. A. Shah said...

Your comments and contributions were always welcome. Wish you had kept it up. Nonetheless, thank you for reading, and likewise compliments on your blog. Thanks for the well wishes and same to you.

I hope the new "exit" post doesn't tarnish the grace too much. Glad to hear I contributed to your blog positively, and your blog has often proven an inspiration as well. Well wishes will be returned in person in about a month or so, hopefully.

Thanks for reading, and same goes for you. Hope you continue to blog in NYC. All the best, and hope you stay safe for the remaining time in Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

Will miss reading your blog, it is a wonderful balanced insight in to life in afghanistan today. Thankyou so much for sharing this with us all. Wishing you all the happiness and success for your future god willing.

Aara (UK)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is very sad. you and Hamesha inspired me to start my blog too. Safar Bakhair.

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