Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Resolution 1:

Done. Despite this whole Hong Kong internet thing crimpin my downloading style.

Get the new Talib & Madlib collaboration...for free...from here.


Elizabeth said...

You're still in Kabul... ever come up to Dushanbe, land of the free?

Q. A. Shah said...

Yep. Still here.

And at least a few more months.

Dushanbe, definitely on the list, though I don't know how likely. Speaking of land of the free, I really want to go to Turkmenistan now too.

You or your husband coming to Kabul anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, another Afghan Talib Kweli fan in Kabul and I don't know you? Yo, that's not cool.

If you've already dowloaded it and want to save me $1 of Internet at KCH then I'll trade you for a CD of Phrenology.

Q. A. Shah said...

Seriously, that isn't cool. Though I'm not really an Afghan, I am in Kabul. Unfortunately I'll be leaving soon. Just one more friday in Kabul. I will try to swing by KCH this Friday, and though the dollar wont be the motivation, stopping you from sapping up all the BW will be. Phrenology, I have, but will def check out what else you got.

Is there a good way to get in contact w/ you to see if we can figure out a time? I'm not comfortable w/ posting my phone or email on here (though you could probably figure it out). Any suggestions (though if you google enough you could probably figure out my email: [first name].[last name]